Greeting to all,

How wonderful that Daniel and I are once again collaborating.

Kripalu, in the Berkshires is a perfect setting for our workshop,

Ecstatic Vision Quest: Roth 5 Rhythms (R)  and Yoga of Energy Flow.

 May our paths meet there.


 October 18-21, 2009 Sunday- Wednesday

Phone: 1-866-200-5203


Daniel Orlansky and Margaux Skalecki
Daniel Orlansky Margaux Skalecki
 Because of movement, flowing water never stagnates, and the hinges of an active door never rust … If the body does not move, essence does not flow. When essence does not flow, energy is stifled.

Make an ecstatic vision quest to awaken the heartbeat of your feet, the prayer beads of your sweat, and your soul’s healing music with Yoga of Energy Flow teacher Daniel Orlansky and Roth 5Rhythms teacher Margaux Skalecki.

Yoga of Energy Flow is a powerful healing pathway that energetically opens, increases, and balances the flow of life force. 5Rhythms is a movement practice that calls forth the dancer living in each of us, no matter what our size, age, shape, skill, or limitations.

In this workshop, we will explore yoga asanas, breathing practices, chanting, empowered singing, Thai Yoga Massage, meditations, and the illuminated states of being within the five movement rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness. We will surrender to dance as moving prayer, release our hearts, and follow the wisdom of our feet to take the mind to the realm of infinite possibility.

CE Credits
This program is eligible for :
  • 13.5 credits for yoga instructors (YA), $20 additional charge


        Kripalu Guest Registration and information

          Program questions, visit information and registration
          866-200-5203 toll-free
          413-448-3152 (international and local)

          Monday–Friday 9:00 am–7:30 pm EST
          Saturday–Sunday 9:00 am–5:00 pm EST



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