The 5 Rhythms & Authentic Relating

$ 15 USD

The  Arlington Center


October 6, November 3, December 1, Jan 5

Feb 9




Shamanic Dance Shamanic Journey

$ 35 USD

Saturday, September 30

at the Arlington Center 




THE SHAKTI WAVES Women Gathering

$ 15 USD

 the Shakti Waves Women Gathering 

Sunday, March 19 2:00pm-4:00pm


Dancing on Holy Ground (CD)

$ 15.00 USD

Dancing on Holy Groud is a channeled collection of songs that  invite you to dance, reflect and just be.


Moving into Animal Communication

$ 90 USD

Sunday, September 27

Take one or both for extra insight!


at the New School of Music 
25 Lowell Street Cambridge, MA

Pre-reg before September 23


Animal Communication Consulatations

$ 50.00 USD

Animal communication with your beloved animal family members on earth or in spirit.

If you would like to connect to yourself and your animal family member please contact me for a consultation.


Spirit Messages

$ 30 USD

 For 30 mins.

 Connecting to loved ones in spirit



Ecstatic Vision Quest (STAY TUNED)

$ 00 USD



Dancing on Holy Ground (STAY TUNED)

$ 00 USD


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