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 Whether providing a message from a loved one in spirit or a consultation with an animal family member still

 on this earth, Margaux’s intention is to provide healing, loving peace, completion and relief to those who ask for assistance. 



 I've had numerous readings in the past but Margaux was the first psychic medium to bring through my grandfather who had helped raise me when I was a child. I was given more than twenty minutes of evidential facts which convinced me that she was truly a messenger for my grandfather."

Thanks Margaux."  Jim D.


"Margaux delivered a very moving mediumship session for me cousin and me. Several family members came through very clearly. Also a much-needed validation caused tears to flow. Margaux is absolutely authentic; was spot on with the evidence that she gave us. We look forward to having another session with Margaux soon."

Deborah D and Sheila Aprile.


"Margaux brought my mother and father forward from the spirit world. I was so happy to hear from them both. When Margaux had asked us to bring an intention forward if there was a particular loved one we wanted to hear from. I had thought about my mom immediately. And as soon as the session started Margaux brought my mom through. Thank you so much Margaux, I will be back soon."

Cara C.

Thanks Margaux! That was a wonderful message. ❤ 

Leslie Ann

Hi Margaux! I LOVE your intuitive answer to my question! It is a unique answer and speaks to me. I felt teary reading it, which, of course, means that it is right on! Yes!

Susan C

 Let us remember that our loved ones in spirit are only a thought away.



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