Margaux Skalecki Medicine Dancer, 

BFA  Dance, Boston Conservatory, 

MA  Expressive Therapies  Performing Arts as a Healer Lesley University 

Margaux is a dancer, singer, spiritual mentor using her mediumship and psychic abilities. She also is a certified shamanic practitioner and healer. She facilitates individual and group environments and experiences that support all ages to experience deep and profound interconnection with humans and the unseen worlds. Margaux has been leading and teaching embodied experiential events, classes and workshops in Shamanic Journeying, Animal Communication,  Dance as Medicine, Voice as Medicine, Moving Meditation, The 5 Rhythms of Movement (R), Personal Growth, and Walking One's Talk. 

Margaux's work is to guide humans in their personal and collective emancipation and liberation from the limited and false structures of the 3D world that we have been born into.  By walking with one foot on this earth and one in the sacred spirit realms we reconnect to the visions and dreams of balance, harmony and conscious relations to all things seen and unseen.

An  E-registered  500 yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and is also certified in Hatha Yoga and  Meridian Yoga. Because she thrives from her dance and arts background, Margaux has a keen eye for clear and healthy alignment and encourages her students to  return to the breath with each movement. Her intention is to offer pathways through yoga, dance and psychic abilities  as a way to return to the intelligence and fluidity of the whole body, mind and energy that we are.
 Although many of us find ourselves leaving the body, especially those of us whom  have experienced trauma, Margaux is a #METOO survivor and a #TIME'S UP advocate, and although she works with spirit in other realms, she believes that while we  on this earth plane, we need to be grounded and get back into the bodies. Once we are in the body, we can make better decisions, feel more alive and loved and create harmony all around, Dance is a fast and loving way to assist us in returning to the wholeness of all levels of and layers of our energetic bodies. 
 In the late 1990's and with Gabrielle Roth's blessings, Margaux helped usher the 5 Rhythms ecstatic movement practice into Massachusetts. In 2000, Margaux entered into the 4th teacher training that  Gabrielle Roth offered   became an accredited teacher of the 5 Rhythm' Ecstatic and Meditative Practice.  Her dance medicine bag include classes in WAVES, Heartbeat and of course Sweat Your Prayers. 
She continues to bring forth this rich,embodied  ecstatic practice to all ages.
 As Gabrielle Roth would say, " If you want to still the mind, move the body! 
Margaux began her and  psychic practices as a child. She has always been deeply connected to animals and the unseen, yet after completing the Psychic Pathway course in 2001 with Sonia Choquette she found that her psychic abilities would also include bringing in loved ones in spirit while she was with varying clients. These events led Margaux to study and train more thoroughly in mediumship as a member of  the Spiritualist churches and other venues.She began to give private and group readings including lecture and podium work at the Spiritualist churches.
 She is known for clear,and truthful evidence from the spirit realm and is supportive and empathetic to all who seek confirmation, comfort and clarity. 
As a commissioned healer of the Spiritualist churches  as well as a Reiki Master,  Margaux brings in energetic and vibration healing with everything that she does and everything she offers. 
Her whole life from a very young age, Margaux has had a deep love and deep connection with animals and children. There is such glee and understanding when she is with any of them. She began studying Animal Animal Communication with varying amazing teachers including her  master teacher, Penelope Smith. Margaux received  her teacher certification for The Basic Course in Animal Communication from Penelope Smith, who is know as the Grand Mother of Animal Communication.
As a  Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Margaux  has studied with and was certified by John Perkins and  Don Alberto, and is always following the teachings of Sandra Ingerman.
 Margaux offers  classes and workshops  in Animal Communication as well gatherings that include Shamanic Dance and Journey adventures into the unknown to commune with the unseen, meet power animals, get answers to questions, to become so in awe with the unseen and see more clearly fill more seen in our lives and to be able to trust ourselves and give to ourselves and our communities in the most loving way. 
While performing with the Ginger Novack Dancers at Studio 54 (so long ago) in New York City, she was asked to teach and perform in Italy on a 6 month contract, the moment she stepped off the plane in Milano, she knew  that she was not in Kansas anymore. Instead of 6 months, Margaux stayed in Italy for four years, teaching and performing from Milano to Calabria and everywhere in between. Her great love was Firenze, (Florence) where she made her home base. She has had the wonderful opportunity to live and  teach in Germany as well. She feels that her wanderlust began when at 19 years of age, she and friends made their way to England to visit the home land of the Beatles, from there other countries called as well as diving deeply in to Jazz, Ballet and Modern dance. Her singing talents took her to many a venues with many a bands and cabarets. She has performed at La Mama, in Lysistrata, modern dance concerts at  Merce Cunningham Studios, At the 42 Street Theater, toured though Canada with The Yannis Nikitakis  Greek and Modern  Ensembles and so much more.  She continues to teach dance, acting, improvisation as well as choreograph, sing and perform in varying artist venues. 
Margaux is an animal activist and practices and teaches inter-species communication. She believes that when we can communicate with all life, humans get a better and deeper sense of how important it is to be conscious of other Beings that walk along beside us with each step we take. And those Beings also have a right to be here.  
As an advocate of children, (and the inner child),  Margaux continues to teach children's arts programs and  has created workshops and teacher training that include, "The Sacred Rite to Age" and " A Teacher's Path: Magical Movement for Children", which supports the growth and empowerment of children and the adults who teach and love them. Her CDs are, Light Workers of the Dance and Dancing on Holy Ground Margaux has been teaching in the Boston, Brookline, Cambridge areas since 1991. She continues to teach throughout the New England area including Kripalu, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York, nationally and Internationally.


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