I love teaching Yoga. It has been a natural compliment to my years of dance, and yet in the dance world,  the art of yoga and really breathing was a daily practice although it was not always termed that. So many of the asanas, (postures) are used in dance. I remember laughing during my yoga teacher training, because I would be thinking, well, we do this posture in jazz and modern and even ballet allllll the time. What came first, the chicken or the egg? What came first the yoga posture or the dance posture? Who cares, let us practice yoga and dance. ^..^

Just so you know, I am a  ERegistered 500 hour yoga teacher with The Yoga Alliance.  I was certified in 2001 and so counting the years, I now have 1000s of hours under my belt. Anatomy is a way of life for dancers, we know the body and how it needs to move and align itself in order to stay healthy. And, because I have had the good fortune to have had dance, technical and otherwise in my life for so many years, it is guaranteed that I can assist you in maintaining a very healthy yoga practice with breath, movement and  body alignment. 
I teach Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa  Flow Yoga, Meridian Yoga, Thai Body Therapies and yoga classes for children too.

  Are you looking for  Private, Semi-Private, Studio or Corporate Classes? I can help you with that.

Dancing Prana Yoga and Fitness (R)

in Dancing Prana Yoga and Fitness, we share an inquiry to self and the connection and importance between breath (prana) and movement on the yoga mat and off the yoga mat.
How does the inhale awaken us as we move into each yoga posture? What takes place in our whole being as we  breathe and settle into the posture?  What happens when we can fully let go into the exhale?  Are we able to be curious and free when we step off the mat  into exploration of  movement through the room?   Which parts  feel stuck or numb, and which parts give way to fluidly and ease?
To create a better way of life, it is essential that our prana is dancing. If it is not, then we are holding back on many levels including not allowing oxygen to fully reach our brain.
Dancing Prana Yoga and fitness offers pathways that strengthen, stretch, soften, support, align, and  awaken the human potential of full expression and health.
What to bring: A yoga mat, a journal if you like, bottle of water,  layers of comfortable clothing to move in and socks.

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 Dancing Prana Yoga (R)

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